Ahrvo Labs Launches On-premise Portable Identity Gateway for Banks, Credit Unions, Acquirers, ISOs, and PSPs

The on-premise solution provides direct access to Ahrvo Labs’ extensive network of over 200 payment and banking connections.

CASPER, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, February 14, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ahrvo Labs Inc., a global leader in fintech innovation, is proud to announce the launch of its unique on-premise Portable Identity Gateway solution. Designed specifically for banks, credit unions, Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), Payment Service Providers (PSPs), and other payment and banking organizations, the on-premise solution provides organizations with direct access to Ahrvo Labs’ extensive network of over 200 banking and payment connections from within their own cloud and development environments, complementing the Portable Identity Gateway’s cloud-based solution.

The Portable Identity Gateway stands out with its ability to integrate over 200 connections within an onboarding process, allowing financial institutions to incorporate these services seamlessly within their own cloud and development environments. Currently, the gateway facilitates access to more than ten different payment and banking categories globally, including individual and business bank account issuance, Banking as a Service (BaaS), cross-border payments, physical and virtual card issuance, open banking, payment processing, and connections to over 1,000 Alternative Payment Methods (APMs).

However, the capabilities of the Portable Identity Gateway extend beyond operational efficiency. It empowers organizations to offer these sophisticated financial services directly to their clients. By streamlining commercial access to leading payment and banking institutions globally, the Gateway enables businesses to swiftly go to market with a variety of industry-leading services under attractive commercial terms. This unified access significantly enhances the speed of onboarding with partners and accelerates the commercialization of partner integrations.

“This launch marks a significant milestone in our development roadmap for our payment and banking network, and continue to build on our ethos of adding value to compliance, payment, and banking industries,” said Appo Agbamu, CFA – Founder/CEO of Ahrvo Labs Inc. “The Portable Identity Gateway enables us to partner with the leading payment and banking companies and provide the broader market streamlined access to their capabilities through one onboarding, integration, and commercial access. It enables payment and banking companies to monetize capabilities of leading providers while adding operational redundancy to the payment and banking capabilities they require to run business smoothly and remain competitive.”

Key benefits of the on-premise Portable Identity Gateway include:

1) Enhanced data security: By maintaining control over sensitive data within their infrastructure, organizations can better retain and secure their clients’ information and adhere to stringent regulatory requirements.

2) Regulatory compliance: Organizations can exceed regulatory requirements by maintaining control over sensitive data within their infrastructure.The Portable Identity Gateway streamlines and automates compliance monitoring, screening, and reporting obligations.

3) Faster onboarding and integrations: The Gateway accelerates the onboarding process with direct onboarding to partners and commercialization of partner integrations, ensuring a quicker time to market and increased revenue opportunities.

4) Go-to-market efficiency: The on-premise solution significantly reduces the need for costly and time-consuming third-party banking and payment integrations, enabling businesses to focus on growth and innovation.

This innovative solution from Ahrvo Labs Inc. is now available globally to banking and payment businesses, marking a new era in the delivery and commercialization of financial services.

For more information on the Portable Identity Gateway and other solutions from Ahrvo Labs Inc., please visit https://ahrvo.com.

Ahrvo Labs offers businesses cutting-edge compliance, payment, and banking solutions that optimize payment and banking processes and ensure regulatory compliance. Our state-of-the-art payment gateway features a single onboarding process that provides access to over 200 leading financial institutions worldwide. With secure global transactions and a commitment to regulatory compliance, our cutting-edge payment and banking gateway is designed to simplify workflows and streamline operations for businesses.

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