Ahrvo Labs Launches Cross-Border Open Banking™ for Seamless, Compliant, and User-Friendly Cross-Border Payments

Ahrvo Unveils Cross-Border Open Banking™ in Partnership with Industry Titans, Streamlining Global Payments with Compliance and User Convenience at Forefront”

CASPER, WYOMING, UNITED STATES , May 11, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Ahrvo Labs Inc., a global leader in fintech innovation, announced today the unveiling of its game-changing Cross-Border Open Banking™ protocol. This pioneering platform empowers any authenticated bank account to be instantaneously used for cross-border transactions, marking a new era of streamlined, compliant, and user-friendly global payments, fueled by Open Banking.

The Cross-Border Open Banking™ service, offered by Ahrvo Labs, permits individuals and enterprises to securely and conveniently transfer funds between accounts across international borders. This eliminates the need for the traditional layers of onboarding to facilitate cross-border transactions that are typically costly and time-consuming. The service is designed to support transactions in 185 different currencies, providing users with a simple and straightforward vendor-agnostic solution to send and receive funds worldwide.

“Historically, cross-border payments have been characterized by their slow pace, high costs, and complexity. These factors have posed significant challenges for individuals and businesses looking to transfer funds across international boundaries,” said Appo Agbamu, CEO of Ahrvo Labs. “Our Cross-Border Open Banking™ protocol takes on these issues head-on, offering a streamlined and efficient platform for cross-border fund transfers.”

Customers of more than 10,000 banks globally can access the Cross-Border Open Banking™ by connecting to any Open Banking provider integrated within the protocol, which supports a multitude of liquidity providers and wallet funding methods and currencies. Through the utilization of Open Banking partners and Ahrvo KYC/B solutions, Ahrvo ensures a secure, compliant platform for global payments, bringing about enhanced flexibility, convenience, and cost efficiency.

Agbamu added, “We’re excited to introduce our Cross-Border Open Banking™ service and play a significant role in promoting financial inclusion and accessibility on a global scale. Our solution is crafted to be user-friendly and efficient, promising our customers a seamless and secure experience for global fund transfers. We currently have redundant coverage in the US, UK, EU, APAC, and LATAM.”

Ahrvo Labs’ Cross-Border Open Banking™ service is an integral addition to the company’s innovative fintech solutions, which include 20 (portable) identity, document, transaction management systems, payments, and banking SDKs integrating the worlds leading payment and banking companies, and digital wallets.

This initiative was made possible in collaboration with our esteemed partners Thunes, Nium, Convera, MX, Trustly, and Brankas, among others. These strategic alliances have bolstered our efforts to provide top-notch, customer-centric solutions. Users of the cross-border open banking protocol can switch between different open banking and cross-border partners via Ahrvo Labs SDKs.

For more information about Ahrvo Labs and its revolutionary Cross-Border Open Banking™ service, please visit https://ahrvo.com.

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